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  • Animal Cruelty for Cosmetic Products (infographic)
      Unfortunately major companies are still using animals for testing their new beauty products in this day and age. Obviously we want our beauty products to be 100% safe for us, but to achieve this by testing on animals in often inhumane ways seems morally dubious at best. Worse of all these test are largely ineffective and irrelevant. As animals Continue Reading
  • 30 Must-Know Make Up Tips from The Experts
    We asked 30 make-up experts from across the globe for their number 1 make-up tip and the responses are amazing. Take a look below for 30 easy and actionable make-up…
  • Lipstick that Sticks
    LipSense is unlike any lipstick you have ever tried! It is a long-lasting liquid lip color that can last up to 18 hours with just one application. How long it…