Wild Orchid Beauty has always been special.


Wild Orchid Beauty has always been special. It is the sort of salon that mother’s recommend to their daughter’s as part of their rite of passage, when they become a woman and assume responsibility for taking care of themselves.


To own and manage such a salon requires knowledge, dedication and passion. It is not a job, it is a way of life.


Roshni Devi, owner of Wild Orchid Beauty Salon in Ingleburn, is such a woman.

From childhood she was always drawn to beauty as an integral part of being a woman. She also has compassion and caring nature so looking after people comes to her naturally.


She works with a Cosmetic Doctor so she is experienced in achieving great skin rejuvenation and brings her own unique brand of philosophy to the achievement of advanced beauty.


Roshni sees beauty as a balance of the physical with the harmony of nature and as such she is committed to continuing the Wild Orchid tradition of helping clients reach their full potential beauty which she believes starts as much by looking after the body and spirit as it does by looking after the skin.


At Wild Orchid Beauty a client gets far more than a regular beauty treatment because Roshni and her team are not only totally professional but bring advanced experience, love and authenticity and caring to the experience so you walk out feeling refreshed, relaxed and well looked after.


Medical Grade Peels


In addition to passion Roshni also has an extraordinary background in medical grade peels a skill she learned under the tutelage of a leading cosmetic surgeon where she worked for a number of years.


In fact Roshni knows what it is like to be affected by problem skin, something you could not imagine if you look at her now. She learned how to compound her own medical grade peels and makes them available to clients who can use them at home to supplement their Wild Orchid treatments to achieve amazing results.


Superior Customer Service at Wild Orchid


What you will experience when you attend Wild Orchid Beauty Salon is that Roshni and her team gives 110% attention to every client. Her mantra is to Listen to what the client wants and then deliver more than they hoped for.

In her work with the cosmetic surgeon she learned to have an eye for detail. She is acutely aware of the fine line between getting results and damaging the skin something few therapists have had the opportunity to learn to such a high degree. At the surgery she was responsible for treating clients with a range of issues including:



  • Reduction of Pigmentation and Age Spots


  • Anti-Aging Skin Treatments


  • Rosacea Treatment and Maintenance


  • Acne Treatments and Maintenance 


  • Performing Medical Grade Peels and Facials Using Sterilised Hygiene Standard Products


  • Microdermabrasion & Vitamin Infusion Using Meso-Glow Technique


  • Laser Treatments and Prepping Dark Skin 


  • Skin Tightening Using Radio Frequency and Laser


  • Stretch Marks Reduction


  • Cellulite & Fat Reduction 


  • Medical Grade Skin Needling With Paramedical Vitamin Infusion 


  • Laser Hair Reduction



While Friedrich Nietzsche may have argued that the Will to Power was the Will to Beauty it takes a person with the passion and dedication of Roshni Chand to bring it to fruition.


Her qualifications as a beautician and ongoing hunger for knowledge, her work experience in a leading cosmetic surgery and her unique philosophy regarding beauty as a balance of the physical with the harmony of nature are what make Wild Orchid Beauty the salon of choice for discerning women.