Hello and Welcome to Wild Orchid Beauty

Looking good is my business and I love it.



Making you look amazing is my business and I love it. It has been my passion for as long as I can remember.


It is as important to feel good and be well balanced spiritually, emotionally and physically for you to look good long term; We go on a journey and work with your skin physiology and have a customized approach to individual’s needs.


We take time, educate you and follow up and achieve progressive results.  We build friendship, trust and go on a journey with you, making sure your needs are being met and that you are happy with your results.


That’s why I have worked hard to create a holistic salon, a haven in Ingleburn where you can get a uplifting beauty treatment as well as a relaxing Massage, a weight loss program, advanced skin treatments such as laser hair removal & IPL photo rejuvenation, LED facial treatment, Collagenizer, paramedical skin needling, peels for acne, ageing or total skin rejuvenation which will remove dead skin cells, stimulate collagen & leave you looking younger and glowing.


So far the formula seems to be working as my clients love it. If you have concerns than you can count on us to help you achieve your desired results, so if you have not treated yourself recently why don’t you book yourself in for a treatment to explore our salon further?


One of my aims for this web site is to make it your one stop for good quality information about beauty (of course) but also about health and well-being. I would also love to answer your questions so please feel free to submit them to me at wildorchiddb@gmail.com.au For more contact me on 02 9618 1880.


We are introducing a lot of new services, some will be quite unusual for a beauty salon so make sure you come back often to keep up to date or register to receive our free newsletter and don’t forget to join our RSS feed which will ensure you receive new articles as they are posted.


Bye for now, I look forward to meeting you.