It’s Simpler than you think!                                                         

Ever wondered how celebrities like Eva Longoria, Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, and Channing Tatum all have such glowing youthful looking skin?

Well here is their secret weapon, Oxygen Facials!


At Wild Orchid Beauty, we specialize in Oxygen Facials.

First we treat you like the special person you are when you arrive at the salon for your oxygen facial but it is what happens next that makes all the difference.


Oxygen Facials are Not All Equal

There are two things that make a huge difference when it comes to beauty treatments;


The Quality of the skin care products the beautician uses

The skill and Experience of the therapist


At Wild Orchid Beauty our therapist will do a personal skin assessment with you and then select from a premium range of skin care products the right one to mix with the medical grade serums we use and which your skin needs according to your skin type and condition.


Quality Skin Care Products – Which is the Best One?


There are a number of fabulous skin care products made by a variety of companies that are all great. Yet what could be right for me may be wrong for you.


The real question is which product is the best one FOR YOU?

So after your initial skin assessment we choose the appropriate skin care range for you from either Intraceuticals, ASAP, Subtle Energies, or Dermaviduals.


Next, the therapist will reduce your skin down to its purest form, just like that of a newborn!


The skin is then infused with hospital grade oxygen, paired with a serum (rejuvenate, opulence, atoxelene, vitamins A & C, or collagen boosters) that is the most suitable for your skin.


The facial may also be combined with an LED facial for optimal collagen formation and rejuvenation to address problem skin conditions.


After the deep cleansing mask, an optional, complimentary, hand, foot, or scalp massage is also performed.


An Oxygen facial continues to work for 24 hours after the initial treatment, working at a much deeper level, known as the basal layer.


What are the benefits of an Oxygen facial?


Well, except for the obvious anti-aging, collagen-forming benefits of this treatment, oxygen facials also counteract the damage caused to the skin from free radicals, it completely rejuvenates and nourishes the skin so that it feeds anti-ageing nutrients into your skin, and noticeably decreases any facial lines and wrinkles and tones and tightens your skin.


You need 1 treatment per week over a 6 week course, once or twice per year and your results can be maintained by using the home care designed to maintain your visage in between treatments.

Oxygen Therapy