LED – originally used by NASA to improve wound healing in space and assist with fatigued and tired astronauts.


What is LED?

From a skin care perspective Light-Emitting Diode is the basis for photo-modulation, a scientific process that uses wavelengths in the visible light spectrum to send calibrated packets of light into the dermal layer, setting off a frenzy of cellular activity to produce, more youthful looking skin.


Why LED?

When different elements are thrown out of balance through, unhealthy living habits ageing or outside forces, we often notice a dull complexion, blotchy tired skin, fine lines, wrinkles and photo ageing.  All these are direct results of unbalanced cells.


The MAX7 device uses the seven colours from the visible light spectrum to promote balance and healing.  Each colour has its own frequency and vibration.  Through extensive research, we know that colour and light bring physical, mental, spiritual and emotional systems to balance.


So how does Max7 work?

Through seven patented coloured LEDs, it treats a variety of skin conditions, from the signs of ageing and cell rejuvenation to red capillaries, skin inflammation, pigmentation and wound healing.


Max7 is non-invasive device and delivers great results with its calming and mood enhancing experiences. Serums are activated under the LED Light, for example Dermaviduals Whitening Serum is activated for pigmentation and so on.


What are the benefits of Max7?




RED LIGHT               

-Increased blood flow & cell rejuvenation

Increases cellular functions, slowing down the ageing & degeneration of cells, organ systems and the whole body. 

-Support for multiplication of collagen fibres.



Energizing the skin, brightening & rejuvenation

-Vitality, young youthful glow, great for special occasions.

-Ayurvedic practitioners believe it has anti-bacterial properties and is useful on digestive disorders.

-Cellular detoxification for dull complexions or dull/pale oxygen lacking skin.



Lymphatic system, muscle toning, anti-ageing

-Toning, great stimulant for the sensory and motor nervous system.

-It is said to purify the liver and stimulate bile secretion to insure proper functioning of the digestive system.



Anti-inflammatory, capillaries & Rosacea

-Will help fade other skin discolorations if used on a regular basis.

-Freckles and acne scar may benefit by blocking tyrosines, an enzyme that signals the production of melanin.



Increase cellular activity, calming and soothing.



-Intercellular communication, reduces swelling, calms


-Also used in medical field on mental levels; efficient in treating manic depression. 

-Successful in relieving hypertension.


VIOLET (415nm)      

-FDA approved to kill the acne causing bacteria PP9.

-Violet light attacks PP-9, producing singlet oxygen.  This form of oxygen is violet toxic to the bacteria that causes acne.

PURIFYING, antibacterial, blemished and oily skin, recent acne scars.



How long has this technology been around?

Light Therapy has been used in Europe for over 30 years and has been the subject of 2,500 scientific papers published worldwide.


The technology was originally developed by NASA to improve wound healing and tissue growth in space.  It assisted with tired and fatigued astronauts upon their return.  The potential of this technology was uncovered and introduced into the medical markets.


There are no reported side affects to the treatments, which are painless, non toxic and compliments many other treatments.


Is the treatment Safe?

It is safe and effective for all skin types, ethnic and age groups with no reported side effects to the treatments’, which are gentle, completely painless, non-abrasive and non-invasive.


In 1991 the National Institute of Neurological disorders and Stroke declared phototherapy to be safe.


Phototherapy is considered to be safe enough to be used in the Milwaukee Children’s Hospital Wisconsin to energise cells and prevent growth of pf chemotherapy mouth sores that keep the patients from eating.  Doctors used L.E.D. treatments to aid in the treatments of wounds, third degree burns and some brain cancer treatments.


LED works with the skin not against the skin like thermal treatments.  It is a non-thermal treatment; no infra-red or ultra violet light is used.


How many treatments are required?

Clinical studies have shown that 1 to 3 treatments per week for an average of 8-12 treatments’ for best results.


I.e. Acne 3 times per week for 12 treatments, photo rejuvenation 2 times per week for 8 – 12 treatments.



Results continue to take place for up to 180 days after the full course and have been known to last for 6 – 12 months.  Top up treatments are required monthly after the initial course for optimum results.