What is a “Relaxation Massage”?


Swedish Massage


A Relaxation massage also known as a Swedish massage is a smooth flowing style of massage that can be gentle and rejuvenating or more vigorous and slightly painful if you require a deep tissue massage to relieve muscle stiffness and pain.



You will definitely enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage if:


  • You suffer from stress,
  • Want to improve blood circulation and range of movement,
  • Want to ease and tone muscles

However, Wild Orchid Beauty provides a range of massage therapies including:





Hot Stone Massage


Combining warmed basalt stones, pure organic essential oils, the hot stones are perfect to relax tensed muscles and melt away your worries and tensions.

Hot Stone Massage is not only an incredibly relaxing massage, especially when applied to the feet where you have your reflex points, but it also helps detoxify the body.



The heat of the stones helps to relax the muscles and assimilate the circulation allowing the toxins to come to the surface of the skin.


Add ON: Body Pressure Point Release

Lymphatic Massage


The lymphatic system is the body’s system for draining fluids from tissues and returns the fluid from the tissues back to the blood system.


It filters the blood, produces blood cells (lymphocytes), and helps protect against infection and disease.


Lymphatic Massage is used to assist in lymphatic drainage. 

The most commonly used method uses very light pressure to directly affect the superficial lymphatic vessels. 

Besides being very helpful in aiding the body’s elimination of wastes and toxins it also has many benefits for the body, including weight loss and reducing the amount of cellulite. 


Wild orchid also recommends a lymphatic massage for people suffering from water retention or after a long airline flight.